COVID-19 Vaccine: Safety and Immunization Monitoring

Towards an Innovative and Effective Vaccine Management


As scientists continue to work at great speed to develop safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, countries must also strengthen their capacity to distribute and administer them as quickly and efficiently as possible. As part of its work to address COVID-19 within the region, ADB is launching a three-part COVID-19 Vaccine Challenge Series.
The COVID-19 Vaccine Challenge Series aims to find several digital solutions that will help ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) tackle a broad range of challenges as vaccines become available—from vaccine delivery and distribution, to public communication and education, to mobilization and monitoring of healthcare workers and volunteers, as well as safe and efficient administration of COVID-19 vaccines.
This challenge is the first part of the COVID-19 Vaccine challenge series and aims at addressing the two challenges below.


Submit your groundbreaking solutions in one or both of our two challenges below:

Safety and Immunization Monitoring

How might we use digital technologies to boost COVID-19 vaccine demand, help dose tracking, and potentially monitor mild and adverse events following vaccination?

Tracking of Administered Vaccines

Using digital technologies, how might we help individuals, health providers, and governments track who has received which vaccine and which dose?



    Dec 4 - Jan 31 2021

    Create a team and share the idea of your vision.

    Online Voting (Feb 1 - Feb 15)


    Feb 15 - March 3 2021

    Connect with ADB experts to fine-tune your solution!

    Online Voting (March 4 - March 11)


    March 19 2021

    Pitch your idea to our jury panel consisting of industry leaders and major decision makers.

What’s in it for you?

The selected solutions in each challenge will have potential seed funding of USD 50,000 or more for selected pilots in ADB's developing member countries.



The selected solution will have potential seed funding of   USD50,000  or more for selected pilots in ADB's developing member countries.