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The COVID-19 pandemic has wiped out trillions of dollars from the world's economies. Most industries have been hit heavily and unemployment levels are unprecedented. The lower-income groups, including daily wage earners and informal sector workers, are facing even greater burdens than before COVID-19 due to gaps in digital skills and access issues. The challenge faced by the world is how to bring economic activity back.

The pandemic has led to the widespread use of online meetings and platforms for collaboration, project, or workload management. While many had at least partially adopted these technologies, few sectors or entities could claim purely remote operations before the COVID-19 crisis hit. Now it is the norm.

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  • Re-establishing Tourism Confidence through Innovative Digital Solutions

    Fast-tracking Tourism Recovery in Southeast Asia

  • Improving Remote Monitoring of Water Utilities

    Smarter ways of managing water operations

  • Real-time Tracking of Resettlement Implementation

    Tracking involuntary resettlement safeguard implementation

  • Digital Technology to Assess Safeguard Impacts

    Improving safeguard compliance


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  • Nowcasting the Economic Impact of COVID-19

    Use of Big Data to track COVID-19’s impact on economic activity in Asia and the Pacific

  • Digital Technology to Increase Credit Access for SMEs

    Alternative credit scoring for credit loans

  • Digitizing Waste Collection through Handling, Tracking, and Recycling to Disposal

    Solutions to better manage and trace waste

  • Earth Observation Data

    Specific use of earth observation data to measure the economic impact of COVID-19

  • Digital Solutions for Hard Hit Economic sectors

    Developing online marketplaces and platforms

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