CAREC University Startup Generator 2023

CAREC University Startup Generator 2023 is calling all full-time university students from CAREC member countries to be part of CAREC region startup revolution! Join us to develop practical, entrepreneurial and soft skills while creating innovative solutions to tackle real-world social and corporate issues in the region. The event is supported by the Asian Development Bank and Republic of Korea e-Asia and Knowledge Partnership Fund.

Eligibility Criteria


Nationality of at least one of the CAREC countries

  • Full time university student studying at CAREC member countries (Azerbaijan, People's Republic of China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan) and holding nationality of at least one of these countries
  • Willingness to work with diverse teams across countries, cultures and genders
  • While not mandatory, working knowledge of English language will be helpful*  
  • Participation will be in teams - you need to form/join a team to be able to participate
  • Commitment to working on the tasks on time for 2 months  
*You are expected to submit all tasks and communicate with mentors/experts in English - so, it is advisable to have English speaking person(s) in a team. Teams can use translation tools for their submission.


Download the guidance on “How to Participate in the Challenge” here. For participants from Mainland China, please download the guide here.

Competition Process

Students participating in this program should form teams and complete given tasks (sprints) based on a given schedule. The program duration will be 2 months (February to March 2023) and each team will pitch their solution to a jury at the end of the program. Several workshops will be conducted to support the teams through the process, monitor their progress, and provide mentorship. The winning teams will receive cash awards and certificates. 

Benefits to students