Fintech Innovation Challenge: Leveraging AI for MSMEs in Thailand

The challenge aims to address the unique needs of Thailand's MSMEs by leveraging AI-generated insights to foster their business growth.


The projects will be assessed following the criteria below:

  • Technology (30%) - The extent to which the solution is easy to use and intuitive as well as how well it solves the problem statement using an innovative approach coupled with great design.

  • Scope of work and Presentation (30%) - The viability and feasibility of the technology solution from a technical, economic, and social context to be scaled up. Is the submission comprehensive? Does the submission explain how the solution will approach the problem statement in accomplishing stated objectives?

  • Impact and results (15%) - The extent to which the solution can contribute towards enabling the FI to build an AI-powered toolbox for its MSME base. Prior use cases of the solution.

  • Team (25%) - What is the background and relevant experiences of the team? Is the management structure diverse?